Hello 👋 I’m Craig Constantine.

You talk with others every day, but how often do you intentionally practice the art of conversation? By sharing my thinking, I hope to ignite your passion for creating your own great conversations.

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  • Common ground

    Common ground

    Revealing questions to find common ground If we start from understanding, and move together towards a common purpose, we’ll soon find common ground. Mostly what I am seeking, in a good conversation, is understanding. Both understanding the other, and to be understood myself. Only with mutual understanding can we ever find common purpose. I believe…

  • Upward spiral

    Upward spiral

    The positive feedback of seeking the interesting I’m sometimes asked how to cultivate curiosity to improve one’s conversations. There is a positive feedback loop that can arise when we notice we are interested. We are drawn to return to that place or to that situation. Unfortunately, we quickly tire of places and situations. To thrive,…

  • Holes


    Getting a handle on the unknown We cannot tackle the unknown by simply tumbling into the void. Questions are knowledge-shaped holes. Having such a shape provides anticipation for learning. Do we want the first answer for every question? Do we really want just whatever happens to be the first thing we discover that fits? There’s…

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Open + Curious is about discovering what better means for your conversations.

I believe great conversations are built upon true listening and genuine curiosity.

There are countless traditions which describe the idea of speaking reality into being. Open + Curious is my perspective on how to do that. How can our thoughts shape our words and communication? And how can our communication shape our lives through our experience of conversation?

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