Hello 👋 I’m Craig Constantine.

You talk with others every day, but how often do you intentionally practice the art of conversation? By sharing my thinking, I hope to ignite your passion for creating your own great conversations.

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  • Without purpose or agenda

    Without purpose or agenda

    Choosing a direction towards what you don’t know We want to avoid being drawn toward what we understand. In that direction lies the temptation to summarize and finish. In a conversation we can feel the urge to have a purpose in the form of a goal we are trying to reach, and we can feel…

  • Roles


    An actions-based perspective When something feels off, we can consider which roles are present in the moment. Am I being a mover, and my guest a follower? Or are they perhaps being an opposer? During a conversation we sometimes sense that it could be better. We might be aware that we are confused, disappointed, or…

  • Having an open posture

    Having an open posture

    What intention might you try setting for your next conversation? I don’t simply day-dream about my intentions when it’s convenient. I consider different intentions, choose explicitly, and then work to carry that intention into a conversation. Our urge to hide influences us in subtle ways. If we feel we can’t control another’s thinking (in truth…

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Open + Curious is about discovering what better means for your conversations.

I believe great conversations are built upon true listening and genuine curiosity.

There are countless traditions which describe the idea of speaking reality into being. Open + Curious is my perspective on how to do that. How can our thoughts shape our words and communication? And how can our communication shape our lives through our experience of conversation?

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