Hello 👋 I’m Craig Constantine.

You talk with others every day, but how often do you intentionally practice the art of conversation? By sharing my thinking, I hope to ignite your passion for creating your own great conversations.

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  • Humanizing and fun

    Humanizing and fun

    Where can you be more, “Yes, and…”? We feel such conversations “went well” and we’re glad for the humanizing experience. Good improv requires considerable effort. The act of “yes, and…” requires nimble thinking, an assumption of positive intent, and the leaning-in posture of engagement. Good-will is absolutely necessary for improv to work well. And it’s…

  • Adversity and challenge

    Adversity and challenge

    Exploring the fine line between adversity and challenge can transform the nature of our conversations. This article is based on an episode from the Open + Curious podcast. To listen, please read more about how to purchase the podcast episodes. In the dialogue between Craig Constantine and Jesse Danger, the conversation kicks off with a…

  • Stop asking sense

    Stop asking sense

    Weird questions point to what’s interesting If what we seek is an exchange of ideas, then weird questions are better than clear questions. A great conversation isn’t us taking a test, with our conversation partner grading our thinking. We’re not trying to show our work. We shouldn’t be seeking affirmation. Asking weird questions of our…

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Open + Curious is about discovering what better means for your conversations.

I believe great conversations are built upon true listening and genuine curiosity.

There are countless traditions which describe the idea of speaking reality into being. Open + Curious is my perspective on how to do that. How can our thoughts shape our words and communication? And how can our communication shape our lives through our experience of conversation?

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