Creating space by holding on to questions

Flow state is often spoken of as a goal for any mastery practice. In such a state, there’s a feeling of spaciousness, and room for creativity to blossom.

We’re waiting. We’re waiting for the next idea. We’re not grasping at the first idea which comes to mind.

Effective asking of questions is an important skill. Being able to hold questions without asking them (when that makes sense) is a further skill, […]. In particular, operating in the fluid mode, seems to involve a certain kind of spaciousness that’s different than the space that a question holds for an answer. It’s a spaciousness into which you can start noticing your background assumptions and perceptual blindspots.

~ Malcolm Ocean from,

We must notice our assumptions and blindspots in order to create even the possibility for our growth.

Where can you hold more space?


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