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Resources of others

In conversation we can help others be their best selves.

“Focusing on these small things frees me from trying to imagine what is the big picture we’re creating.”

There are so many things we could pursue in any conversation: Learning, discovery, helping our partner, even fame. So it’s wise to pick something to use as a guide. What we pick, we can then hold quietly in mind as we are listening and thinking about what we might say next.

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What is Open + Curious?

You talk with others every day, but how often do you intentionally practice the art of conversation? By sharing my thoughts here, I hope to ignite your passion for creating great conversations.

Open + Curious is about discovering what better means for your conversations. You can read, listen and discuss at,

Hello 👋 I’m Craig Constantine. My mission is creating better conversations to spread understanding and compassion. I want us to go from simply having conversations, to actively creating better conversations.

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