Open + Curious
Open + Curious

An actions-based perspective

“When something feels off, we can consider which roles are present in the moment. Am I being a mover, and my guest a follower? Or are they perhaps being an opposer?”

During a conversation we sometimes sense that it could be better. We might be aware that we are confused, disappointed, or that there’s something we should shift to talking about, and yet we cannot figure out what to change. In short, we’re thinking, “this conversation feels off.” We’re only human and a vague sense may be all we notice in the live moments of a conversation.

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What is Open + Curious?

You talk with others every day, but how often do you intentionally practice the art of conversation? By sharing my thoughts here, I hope to ignite your passion for creating great conversations.

Open + Curious is about discovering what better means for your conversations. You can read, listen and discuss at,

Hello 👋 I’m Craig Constantine. My mission is creating better conversations to spread understanding and compassion. I want us to go from simply having conversations, to actively creating better conversations.

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